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Piffles Podcast Ep 194 - Feelin Dandy with Logan Bandy

Greg & @Alex recap the Riders win over the Elks, discuss the Dan Clark injury and how that affects the team, rant about in-game interviews on TSN and look ahead to the Riders/Als game!

Piffles Podcast Ep 193 - We Love The D

Ep 193 - We Love The D (presented by @ElphinstoneDQ) is here!
We share our thoughts on the #Riders big win over Hamilton to start the season, the GREAT success for BC in Week 1 and Alex tells us who he's betting his mortgage on in the CFL this week.

Piffles Podcast Ep 192 - Kickoff to 22

Ep 192 - Kickoff to '22 (presented by Elphinstone DQ) is here!
We go over the Riders cuts, TSN's Top 50 players, Larry Tannenbaum's comments and look ahead to the first game against Hamilton!

Piffles Podcast Ep 191 - IT’S DAMN TRUE!

- Kurt Angle makes a cameo!
- Riders preseason recap vs WPG
- The easiest part of any coaches job... the cuts
- PROPS to the Riders for a few new initiatives
- Preview vs Lions

Piffles Podcast - Ep. 189 - Double Congrats

Ep. 189 - Double Congrats (presented by @ElphinstoneDQ) is out!
Greg, Alex and Steve discuss the new CBA and look ahead to the #Riders preseason game on Tuesday and reminisce about their favourite preseason moments!


For the first time since 1974, the CFL players are on strike and the whole situation doesn't sit well with Steve, Alex and Greg. 

Piffles Podcast Ep. 188 - Drafty McDraft Face

Greg, Steve and Alex talk about the Riders picks in the CFL Draft, pick one player that they think will be a star in Rookie Camp and become an every day household name in the CFL and rant a bit about marketing... again.

Piffles Podcast Ep. 187 - Swift Kick To The Ballsy

Alex, Steve, and Greg zoom in to talk CFL Rule changes, Rider draft , strategy, and the new voice of the Riders.

Piffles Podcast Ep. 186 -CFL Issues to Fix

Alex, Greg & Steve talk some Riders and Randy Ambrosie's Road Trip... there's some EASY fixes to the CFL's problems and we lay them out!
Plus, more love for Victor Cui & what he's doing for the Elks.

Piffles Podcast Ep. 185 - Free Agent Frenzy

It's been a wild couple of weeks in the CFL with free agency hitting and Steve, Alex and Greg discuss ALL the Riders moves and look around the league!

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