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Piffles Podcast Ep. 183 - The Battle of FajarJones

Happy 2022! Alex, Greg and Steve are back for the first time in the new year to talk all the latest CFL headlines, including Chris Jones calling out Cody Fajardo... why is Fajardo taking so much criticism everywhere?

Piffles Podcast Episode 182 - Grey Cup in the Hammer

Steve, Alex and Greg share their thoughts on the Riders season ending against Winnipeg last week, Cody Fajardo breaking down when talking to the media, the ridiculous fight between the Argos and Ticat fans and of course, look ahead to the Grey Cup game

Piffles Podcast Ep 181 - That‘s It, Back to Winnipeg

Greg, Alex and Steve recap that WILD West Semi-Final... Greg is REALLY sorry this episode for some reason... we have fun with the Redblacks "stan" Twitter account and look ahead to the West Final between the Riders and Bombers!

Piffles Podcast Ep. 180 - Semi-Finals

Greg, Alex and Steve brush off that meaningless Rider loss to Hamilton and get ready for the Calgary Stampeders in the West Semi-Final! Plus, did any Riders get screwed in the All-Star nods? And more drama in Edmonton

Piffles Podcast Ep. 179 - Timeout, Saskatchewan!

After a break, Greg, Steve and Alex are back to talk about the Riders clinching 2nd place in the West Division, the Riders player awards nominees, Tom Vallesi's hot mic, why Nate Holley sucks and should Harker play more than Paxton Lynch this week?

Piffles Podcast - Ep. 178 - What Do We Do With Our Hands?

Just Steve and Alex this week as they look at the Riders 19-14 win over Montreal and if the Edmonton Elks pose any kind of problem for the Riders over the next couple of weeks... and some singing?

Piffles Podcast Episode 177 - One Out Of Three Ain‘t Bad


Greg, Alex, and Steve zoom in to talk the Riders much needed victory, how good the defense is, Arbuckle completing the "Half Glenn" in record time, remember Taylor field, and have a much needed discussion about the state of play in 2021.

Plus Piffles Pick'em so you know who not to pick. 

Piffles Podcast Episode 176 - Back To The Glue Factory

Greg, Alex, and Steve Zoom in off the bye week and are joined by Postmedia's, Danny Austin to talk about the Stampeders resurgence, how much of an impact having both Duke Williams and Shaq Evans does to the Riders offense, and what the Trevor Harris trade means for both the Elks and the Als.


Plus Piffles Pickem and Piffles Memories. 

Piffles Podcast Episode 175 - The Real Deal with Eddie Steele

Greg, Steve, and Alex are joined by Eddie Steele to discuss his firing from 630 CHED for his blunt assessment of the Edmonton Elks franchise. Plus he gives his honest opinion on Chris Jones, Charleston Hughes ages, and Cody Fajardo as a starting a QB. The guys also look at last week's loss to the Stampeders, who the Riders really are, the CFL news of the week and the rants are firey. 

Piffles Podcast Episode 174 - Brock and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Greg, Alex, and Steve Zoom in to talk the Riders deep pass woes, Cody's apology, the Duke Williams signing, If Charleston Hughes is done, preview the upcoming game, and plenty of talk about the Elks really really bad day.

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