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Piffles Podcast Ep. 207 - Festivus

Greg and Alex have a lot of problems with the Riders and you people are going to hear about it. 


Piffles Podcast Ep. 206 - Banjo Bowels

Greg, Alex, and Steve zoom in for a very mature and sophisticated discussion on the fall out from the Banjo Bowl, Riders playoff hopes, the coaching cap handcuffing teams, the Grey Cup half time show, and they not only preview the CFL weekend but Football Weekend in Saskatchewan

Piffles Podcast Ep. 205 - RUN THE F***ING BALL

Greg, Alex, and Steve zoom in and talk about the very fresh Garrett Marino release, the collapse in the Labour Day Classic, if Craig Dickenson is too soft, and break down the crazy notion of releasing Duke Williams.  Plus a very special thank you to those that donated to the CFL Fans Fight Cancer Dunk tank over the weekend. 

Piffles Podcast Ep. 204 -Dunks Not Named Justin

Greg, Alex and Steve zoom in to talk about the Riders win in BC, Roughing the passer penalties, Montreal's ownership issues and trade frenzy, the upcoming Labour Day Classic VS the Blue Bombers, and the CFL Fans Fight Cancer Celebrity Dunk Tank at Centennial Mall on Sept 3rd. 

Piffles Podcast Ep 203 - It’s Fine

Greg, Alex and Steve Zoom in and are living in the "It's Fine" meme. The guys talk about benching Cody, the play of Mason Fine, Soooooo many injuries, Garrett Marino's latest exploits, and look ahead at the upcoming rematch with the BC Lions. 

Piffles Podcast Ep 202 - Still Not Cancelled

Greg, Alex, and Steve Zoom in to talk the Riders win against the Elks to get above 500, Say goodbye to our good friend Na'Ty, Steve finally buying into the Nathan Rourke hype, preview the upcoming CFL weekend, and the latest Piffles charity endeavor.

Tons of great stuff to enjoy, as long as your name doesn't rhyme with Smarty Pork

Piffles Podcast - Episode 201 Bye Bye, Bye

Greg, Alex, and Steve Zoom in to talk about the Riders getting healthy, the upcoming game vs the Elks, the Riders doing something great for season ticket holders, and who would win in a condiment race (Not Steve).

Piffles Podcast Ep 200 - Only 150 More To Go Full Bradbury



Greg, Alex, and Steve zoom in to talk about the Riders leaving for the bye week early vs the Lions, What the Riders would fill a novelty helmet with, what the team needs to do to turn the team around, and what is fair game when it comes to CFL Fantasy strategy. 

Piffles Podcast Ep 199 - Riders Never Gonna Give You Up

Greg and Alex are Steve-less discussing the Riders "Moral Victory" versus the Argos, What to do about Cody, Are the Riders making a trade in the bye week, and Sunday afternoon games.

Piffles Podcast Ep 198

- Riders lose in TD Atlantic
- Cody Fajardo's knee
- Duke Williams suspended
- Game or no game?
- 2 Thursday games??
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