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Piffles Podcast Episode 165 - Let The Season Begin

The guys maybe on Zoom but they will be in the stadium this week watching CFL football for the first time in 600 days. 

Greg and Alex debate on the Rider's record, pick em returns, and they relive the 2013 West Final. 

Piffles Podcast Episode 164 - Bonecrusher Unfiltered

Former Rider "Bonecrusher" Derek Dennis zooms in with the guys and is completely open with what happened in Edmonton, what a Chris Jones locker room is like, and what the future holds. 

Piffles Podcast Episode 163 - Long Live The Night Is Dead

Greg, Alex, and Steve zoom in to mourn the loss of "Long Live The Night", Talk TSN commentating crews, Riders Linebackers, should Rider Nation be concerned about the O-Line, and who by far is the worst team in the league before a down is played. 

Piffles Podcast Episode 162 - WE HAVE FOOTBALL

Steve ends his Labatte strike and zooms in with Greg and Alex to talk training camp, Achilles injuries, and they take a deep dive into the defensive line.  

Piffles Podcast Special Interview /w Sarah Colonna

Greg and Alex zoom in with Comedian, Actor, Writer, and wife of Saskatchewan Roughrider Punter Jon Ryan, Sarah Colonna. Ok, Greg zoomed in and Alex fanboyed about Shameless but it was a great conversation either way. 

Piffles Podcast Episode 161 - Juwan Brescacin

Toronto Argonauts receiver Juwan Brescacin joins Alex and Greg as he is in quarantine before Training Camps open up. And we chat about Brendon Labatte not playing in 2021 and remember the game that we knew Cody Fajardo was THE franchise QB here in Riderville

Piffles Podcast Episode 160 - Is It August Yet?



Greg, Alex, and Steve zoom in to talk schedule, COVID Protocols, Elks, and loving rainy Mosaic nights.

Piffles Podcast Episode 159 - Shots in Arms, Butts in Seats

The guys Zoom in to talk about fans in stands in 2021, the Riders draft, and memories of the 2010 "Shoot Out at Mosaic" versus Montreal

Piffles Podcast Episode 158 - Its Gonna Be August

Save the Date CFL has a start date... maybe.

Alex, Greg and Steve zoom in to talk the possible date and what it means for a 2021 season. 

Piffles Podcast Episode 157 - It Doesn’t Matter What It’s Name Is

FINALLY Greg, Alex, and Steve come back to the pod. XFL and the CFL talks are what is on everyone's minds and they break it down as best as they can.


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